Art in Motion: The Art Exhibition

By Nadika Moses

What an awesome time catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. We were honored to exhibit our art on 15th November, 2019 at the Waving Art Gallery Maurice Bishop International Airport.

This was an extraordinary and unprecedented exhibition. This exquisite collection of paintings beautifully embodies the local creatives:

• Kenny Henry

• Jesma Noel

• Jada Joseph

• Donel L Pysadee

• Kendell Alexis

• Richie Modeste

• Alexandra Baptiste-Mirjah

• Jarel Gilbert

• Ashlee Marshall

• Nadika Moses

“Nadika Moses”(Fauvist) uses pure, brilliant colour aggressively applied straight from the paint tubes to create a sense of an explosion on the canvas. She is the founder/CEO of the group “Art In Motion”, blogger, activist and an educator in Grenada. She always dreamed about empowering and educating the public about the importance of art. Nadika is determined to continue the journey in hosting art events and document a long history of bringing people together across boundaries -increasing understandings.

“I think the role of the artist is, is to take whatever it is they believe in and put it out there so the public can see it.” – David Le Batard (Lebo)

“Alexandra Baptiste-Mirjah” loves the acrylics, she paints beautiful women who are strong and have been through a lot, but still appear to look confident and not bothered. Her aim is to promote her art in Grenada by hosting exhibitions and other events.

“Donel Pysadee” a self taught Grenadian artist who fell in love with painting at the age of 13. His art comprises of a combination of abstract and realism intended to inspire and create an emotional connection to the viewers.

“Kendell Alexis” said, being an artist allows him to express his personality in many different ways. Painting brings him in a peaceful state of mind, which also acts as a way to inspire others . His work involves female anatomy and portraits and uses acrylic base mediums.

“Jada Joseph” is an innovative and ambitious artist . Her work reflects nothing but bliss with inspiration from everyday life. She prefers the water color media, but recently started exploring with acrylic and loving the developments thus far. Jada enjoy painting the occasional still life pieces, landscapes and designing, but have always been painting portraits, because of the love for characters. There is nothing more exciting than watching their personalities, stories and designs come to life, through nothing but her brush strokes, paint and canvas.

“John Henry” 28 yrs old Grenadian artist started taking a interest in art and design at a young age, but never showcased his work during that time . However as time passed people began noticing his talent and began encouraging him to showcase his work . In 2015 was his first step in displaying his work and have been showcasing till this present day. He uses acrylic base mediums to capture his subject of interest, but will be looking forward in exploring more mediums in the near future. John said, his biggest inspiration in art comes from his love of nature ,people and movies.

“Jarel Gilbert” focuses on painting realistic scenes. He has done a variety of different pieces using both oils and acrylics. Jarel has always been fascinated by images and how the world is represented through the eyes of others which leads him to paint portraits, scenery and imaginative ideas.

“Richie Modeste” enjoys doing landscape paintings as well as painting from his imagination. “My biggest inspiration comes from nature , it’s always refreshing and calming to my soul,”he said. Painting plays a key role in his life, because it helps him to understand his goal and gives him a sense of identity in the world today. His artwork holds memories of his childhood , family and friends.

“Jesma Noel” has been participating in exhibitions since 2012. Much of her work is heavily influenced by her homeland, Grenada. “My approach to art is quite simply; I strive to create work that is honest to who I am and where I am in life,” she said. Although she primarily work with oil and acrylic mediums, Jesma also produces artwork using mix media, gouache and graphite. She creates still life, portraits, plein air, digital and abstract work. In 2018 illustrated and released her coloring book “Breezing Out Grenada”

“Art has undoubtedly been my greatest outlet and with it I am the best, most honest version of myself. ” Ashlee’s art has always been an internal and then external therapeutic conversation. It is her purpose to create altogether and connecting with others is an important bonus She’s lucky enough to experience. She tries to document the feelings that passes through her as a form of release. Once her emotions are on canvas she can put it down and look back at a physical, visual showcasing of what was too hard to express verbally. There’s nothing else She’d rather be doing. Art was never something She had to chase after or decide to do one day; it just was. “Me without, it doesn’t exist.” She said.

Art In Motion wants to thank The Grenada Arts Council in partnership with Grenada Airport Authority for their generosity and support, and to the public, friends and family for making this a memorable and successful event.

Be sure to check our upcoming events on:

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