Solo Exhibit: Rene Froehlich

The Waving Art Gallery

On behalf of Grenada Arts Council and Grenada Airport Authority Presents:

Rene Froehlich

Rene Froehlich has over 40 years experience in art; as a student, instructor and working artist. His works have been exhibited in Germany, Switzerland, the U.S., and Grenada. Rene uses many different types of materials in his sculptures, including wood, glass, metal and fiberglass. He is inspired by humans, their social issues, and how they fuse with nature.

Rene Froehlich is an active member of the art community in Grenada. His handiwork can be seen all over Grenada and even in the sea as he has built both boats and underwater sculptures. Froehlich also volunteers as a teacher at Art School Greenz, the alternative art school in Grenada, helping to develop our local artists. This exhibit is a modest celebration of Rene’s capabilities as an artist and a master of his craft.


Rene Froehlich can be reached for comments, questions or sales at:


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