Art School Greenz: Young Artists Rising Summer Intensive

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The Young Artists Rising Summer Intensive put on by Asher Mains and Art School Greenz is an effort to give young artists the professional, practical skills not covered in a typical studio class. The artists applied to be a part of the program and were selected based on their work and willingness to learn. The artists covered concept development, developing a series, working on their written artist material, and worked on the body of work that is currently on exhibit! There are many intangible elements to an artist’s career including promotion, networking, and even how to hang the artwork so the viewer can see their work in the best possible way! These 5 artists have worked hard over 6 weeks to give themselves a solid foundation on which to build their career in art with this exhibit!

Art School Greenz is the alternative art school in Grenada minding the gap between secondary school and a contemporary art practice. Classes are typically in short modules i.e. 4 weeks in order to accommodate working adults. Not only do students learn skills at Art School Greenz but also build community. We are privileged to be able to show work at the Waving Art Gallery through a partnership between Grenada Arts Council and Grenada Airport Authority.

You can help promote our young artists by using hashtags! If you photograph their work, please credit them in your post! You can also hashtag #wavingartgallery, #artgrenada, and #grenadaartisland. You can find out more about Art School Greenz at and you can contact us at

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